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ahhhh it’s finally done!

i recently started watching the mindy project which is just the most amazing wonderful show. mindy’s fashion is just inspiring and one of my favorite things ever, so i had to sit down and draw some of my favorite mindy outfits.

brb while i rewatch the show for the 16th time

People in this city need help and I can help them.


[1] Favourite Series: series two

Do you know the big problem with a disguise, Mr. Holmes? However hard you try, it’s always a self-portrait. 

Look at my mermaid. If she knew how much power she had, she could have whoever she wants, but she’s afraid. I think about what she’d be like if she was as tough as she was beautiful.

So pumped for my Halloween costume this year where I’ll be honoring a 90s icon.

Katy Perry + Teenage Dream era (May 2010 - May 2012)

Does it almost feel like nothing changed at all…

Beyoncé Alphabet → B for 'Blue-Ivy Carter'

kate beckett: a summary

You ain’t never had a friend like me!

Sherlock + episodes